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Company Accreditations


We inform you that for the 2023/2024 season and in relation to the accreditation requests presented by the Clubs, the Catania Football Club will issue a single accreditation exclusively for the observers of the Clubs affiliated with Serie A, Serie B and Lega Pro Now.

Please note that no credits will be issued for clubs belonging to the National Amateur League.


Accreditation requests must be sent via email to no later than 72 hours after the start of the specific match .


In the request, please provide the following details: name, surname, date and place of birth of the applicants, the "role" they play within the company, a reference telephone number for any communications and an email address at which to send the electronic admission ticket.


It is underlined that requests received after the established deadlines and those sent through different channels will not automatically be considered.

Regarding confirmation of acceptance of accreditation requests, a written confirmation will not be provided.


Receipt of the electronic admission ticket will be considered as tacit consent.


Only in the event that a request is rejected, Catania Football Club will respond via email to the applicant communicating the denial.


Please note that all requests sent to email addresses other than will not be taken into consideration. 


Accreditations for Disabled People


The Catania Football Club has dedicated a special section in the upper part of Grandstand A to the Angelo Massimino Stadium to accommodate people with 100% disabilities.


Fans who have a 100% disability have the possibility of obtaining a free ticket to access this area during every match of the red and blue team.

Please note that these free tickets are available while supplies last.


To request accreditation for a fan with a disability and his companion (if his presence is expressly indicated by a certificate), it is necessary to send the request via email to


The request must be sent starting from the day following Catania FC's last match at the Angelo Massimino Stadium and no later than 72 hours before the next match.


It is mandatory to attach the following documentation to the request email:


- Double-sided copy of a valid identity document;
- Copy of the 100% disability certificate;
- Double-sided copy of the companion's identity document, if necessary.


Within the request, it is important to specify whether the disabled person is able to walk or travel in a wheelchair, as this will influence the allocation of seats. Please also remember that vouchers for companions will be granted only and exclusively if the need for the presence of the latter is specified in the disability certificate.


If the request is accepted, the accreditations will be sent to the applicant's email address by the day before the race. Requests will be handled in the order received.


Access to the Stadium will be guaranteed through a specially designated gate in Piazza Spedini. 


Federal Card Accreditations


To attend Catania Football Club home matches, it is possible to request accreditation starting from the fifth day before the match (but no later than 72 hours before the match) via email sent exclusively to:


In your accreditation request, please provide the following information for each applicant:


- Name and surname
- Place and date of birth
- Copy of the Federal Card (which must be valid, cards from previous years will not be accepted)


It is important to note that a written confirmation will not be issued for accepted credit requests.


Sending the electronic admission ticket will be considered tacit approval. In case of refusal, the Catania Football Club will respond via email to the applicant to communicate the refusal. Please send all requests only to the email address provided.


Please remember that, in accordance with the current procedures for access to the stadium, cards belonging to organizations such as AIA, CONI, FIGC, ADISE, AIAC alone do not constitute sufficient access to enter to watch the match. These cards must be accompanied by a nominative access title.


It is important to note that the number of places reserved for members is limited for safety and accessibility reasons and are assigned until full.


It is specified that AIA members must send their request via their membership section.


On some occasions, for matches of great resonance and a high number of potential requests, special provisions may be adopted, which will be communicated through public announcements in this section of the site. Please remember that accreditation will not be granted in case of irregularities or inconsistencies during the checks.


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