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“It will be a cracking match”

2023-11-17 13:36


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“It will be a cracking match”

On the eve of the match against Turris, Mister Lucarelli answered the journalists' questions in the press room: “Feelings? Very positive, I spoke

On the eve of the match against Turris, Mister Lucarelli answered the journalists' questions in the press room: “Feelings? Very positive, I also spoke privately with the boys and they are all very involved, they showed the desire to resolve the situation, enthusiasm, participation and desire to do things. I am very satisfied with the week, tomorrow there will be the green rectangle test and I also expect a different attitude from an emotional point of view. On a tactical level, we had a few days to transfer everything but we think that from a character point of view and approach to the match it will be something different. I don't know exactly how many benches I have had with Catania but each one has moved me, tomorrow I will try a little more but it has always been a great emotion, leading Catania. The Turris matches that we have seen in recent days denote an offensive, unscrupulous and Garibaldian attitude, it seems to me to be a very proactive team and I don't think I have noticed any defensive measures to overcome this moment, the coach adopts a very offensive with pressing on everything and is close to Gasperini's ideas, it doesn't seem like he's coming off five consecutive defeats. There are no simple matches in this group: it will be a crackling match, two teams with a strong offensive nature will face each other. In the group I don't look at the identity card, I want to create healthy competition in every role regardless of age and history, which can count in the beginning. They will take care of the training, the greater aptitude to play in some stadiums will also have an impact but they must all be on an equal footing, otherwise the training will also lose intensity. We try to train high intensity and we would have done so even if the team hadn't needed it, we work on the condition and have given precise inputs, also because I have never liked "walking" football: you don't change the athletic condition in a few days but even in this I expect something in terms of greater intensity, we have 5 changes and we have to give everything we can give.
I want to be sure every day that I have done my best, I always try to make my teams play well but it is important to score points, because by scoring points we will see things that these guys can do and have not yet demonstrated. In the career of a footballer there are more bad moments than good ones, you don't win every year: I told the players that in the years in which you don't win, you don't fail but you build. Lucarelli-ter? There are differences, the first two experiences were strongly influenced by an economic situation that created apprehension for everyone and we were always fully engaged, very often we were not able to do what we wanted or what would have been right to do, now it is different, not I mean better or worse, now the full immersion makes me perceive the planning, it is clear that the property is not passing through and that many things are wanted to be done, I am questioned on many issues, even on the project of a sports center with pitches climbing from youth sector to the first team, so every year if you continue to grow in the youth team and are reconfirmed you get closer to professionalism. The key word is to arrive at the big event with the equipment needed for a big event: the infrastructures are fundamental, I am "from the woods and the coast" so I adapt to difficult situations and in planning. The first two experiences, especially the second, helped me a lot and I felt I improved as a man and coach. First there was an emergency, now there was planning. My team must be chameleonic: matches and opponents are not the same, it is important to have players in the three sectors who can change the structure. In everyone I sensed the desire to get out of this situation and I am convinced that we will see something on a character level, for some this situation may not be easy but it must be a good thing: winning in is not like winning elsewhere and therefore the boys they must be proud to have been chosen to win here. This stadium only evokes beautiful things except one, it wasn't right that that season ended like this and I have to cancel it and try to overcome it. I found absolute willingness to embrace the cause, the warrior is the one who remains lucid and doesn't spare himself even in training, the one who doesn't limit himself to the homework, the one who puts Catania first and not self; Catania's scudetto is worth more: the warrior is someone who puts in sacrifice, seriousness, professionalism, the desire to improve and never give up, ready to do everything to resolve the situation. The whole team will have to participate in the two phases, involving the greatest number of players. People have always helped us and this is important, after all I have never seen a contested team win: we have to get the maximum until January, when we will see what works, what doesn't work, what didn't work but could work and what worked but it may no longer work."





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